Wire Pin Material

The wire pins are made from a Copper Tin alloy (Phosphor Bronze) wire designated CuSn6 specification to DIN 17662, CW452K / EN 12166


Coating materials: 1-2 microns Nickel (Ni) & 4-6 microns Tin (Sn) 'brightplating'


All wires used are lead free


Solderability: To BS 2011


Methods of pin retention:

Blind hole method                                            Through hole with a 90° side leg


For improved pin retention the wire is 'crimped' to produce an area of upset which on the blind hole method is totally inserted into the bobbin. With the 'L' pin the crimp is partially inserted. The crimped area of the pin prevents 'push back' and the 90° bend prevents 'pull out'


The most popular sizes of pin are 0.6mm round, 0.635mm square and 0.8mm square


Bobbins can be pinned to any configuration as specified by the customer

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