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Formers is an established company in the production of thermoplastic coil bobbins, formers and allied components for the electrical and electronic industry. Our success has been celebrated this year following our 20th anniversary. In that time we have built a worldwide reputation for supplying quality products at competitive prices. We pride ourselves in offering a high level of service, by acknowledging the needs and requirements of our customers. Design, tool making, moulding, and pin and terminal insertion are all done in-house in the UK allowing total control and flexibility.


Company Policy:

Our customers are promised a totally honest and sincere commitment to product design, quality, delivery and technical service.


The company has expanded its customer base around the world and has supplied products to over 40 countries within the 6 commercial continents. Contacts and supply chains have been formed to enable easy distribution throughout the world.


Formers provides:

  • Expanding standard ranges: Bobbins for metric and imperial laminations, popular 'ferrite core' bobbins and unpinned transformer bobbins.

  • Square and round wire pins and pressed terminals of the highest standards of pin retention, inserted to positions of customer requirements.

  • In-house tooling facility for both standard and customer special design products, plus Formers own semi automated pinning and terminating machinery.

  • Liaison between our highly skilled technicians and respective customer technicians to enhance bobbin design and innovation, to complement our standard technical service.

  • All products manufactured from high quality materials, purchased from recognised approved suppliers, meeting international specifications.

  • Immediate quotations for all inquiries - standard products or customer special projects.

  • A delivery service to give our customers their requirements when required. Unpinned products mostly ex-stock and pinned items despatched within a week of receipt of order.

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